In 2007 Slayer Pavilion presented it's first "Room", Room 88: Dying Dreamer, presented at URA gallery Istanbul.

Room 88: Dying Dreamer focuses on the loss of innocence and the uneasy relationship between popular music and the military. A mirror image tableau of a teenage suicide prompted by an acceptance letter to a military academy and recreated from a Slayer band t-shirt banned shortly after its release in the late 1980s, Room 88: Dying Dreamer explores the tension of dualities and the implausibility of rebellion in popular culture. In the otherwise completely mirror imaged room, a light-up globe stands on a side table un-reversed. The only link to “the other side of the mirror,” the globe quite literally illuminates the endemic nationalism that has led to the development of “non-torture” torture techniques such as “the disco” at Guantanamo Bay, where Jim Channon’s utopian visions for non-physical combat in The Field Guide for the First Earth Battalion became the torture of prisoners through prolonged exposure to very loud western pop music, and the coining of the term “Generation Kill” to describe a generation of soldiers for whom the boundaries between metal music and live combat do not exist.


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